Anonymous asked:

do you agree men are polygamous? what's your point of view on this subject? can you imagine having a man who's already had close relationships to another girl, or do you think it's better to have someone once and be the one for him, opening to each other, touch souls and gain love through years?,, please answer!

sonyaesman answered:

Good question! I don’t believe marriage or monogamy is natural to human beings, hence why cheating is common and why we feel guilty for cheating, when in all actuality it is beyond our knowledge that we cheat and feel attraction to many people because it is natural. Think about the core instinct in human beings: it is to birth other human beings, to have sex. It’s not to have a beautiful 2 floor house in the suburbs and a wife for all of eternity and 3 kids who never leave your side. That’s just what society tells us we need. 

I believe one should love freely. Why should we judge somebody on how many times they have loved before? If you are afraid of being with someone because they have had many “lovers’ before- that is wrong. That is saying you can’t trust that they will be yours forever. Nobody is ours forever. Just accept the uncertainty of life and love. Love is fluid. 


Anonymous asked:

My parents met summer before their senior year in a small town in Texas. My mom had just moved from Boston and she went to register at the highschool. He was in the office helping place people with lockers because he was sca president. They never talked but he caught her name, put their lockers next to each other and broke up with his college girlfriend that night. He asked her out so many times and finally she said yes and they dated all throughout college and then got married

eatingisfab answered:

true love right :)

Cute love stories xx